Monday, 17 November 2008

The BullSh*t Continues........

From the website of, Gullible Turnips regarding their GT200 comes the following............

'Due to the nature of the technology upon which GT200 is built, it would be impossible for it to detect a substance that it is not programmed to detect. In other words, if the GT200 obtain a lock on an area for substance that the GT200 is searching for, and a "close-in" search using Canines or IMS portable equipment turns up nothing, it does not mean that the GT200 produced a false positive'.


We know this device is crap and has no better chance than using a coathanger for the detection of drugs and explosives.
However, if you cannot find anything after obtaining, 'the lock', it is not the fault of the GT200. If you or your comrades should get blown to hell using this equipment, that is not our fault either, we call that, 'human error'.


Techowiz said...

Fame at last, I have been named on Mr Jims website, he tries a bit of insult then, as usual just rambles on about, 'knowing what he has works', without any proof of course. As Mr Jim won't post the comment he responded to, or indeed my latest response, I have reproduced it below.....Enjoy, yes even you Mr Jim.

TECHOWIZ...or is that waz?

' Ah fame at last, personal insults the last refuge of the fraudster'

Dear Techowiz,
Pleased to hear that you have nothing to say as your comments are lame.

'As you know, I have plenty to say, you just don't have the courage to address or publish them'.

When you have something to say that you know somethng about, then come back to me....

' I have repeatedly challenged your scientific claims, which is something I know a lot about'.What are your qualifications in this or any other field?????

otherwise.......well, I need not say more, appear to be holding a personal grudge

'Not a grudge, personal or otherwise, just a genuine dislike of fraudsters making money off the risk to other peoples lives'.

and that you are perhaps a very lonly and sad person......I would advise you to take some professional help as there are some big issues you need to address in your life.

'Ah, an amateur psychologist as well as a fraudster, impressive qualities'.

I am sorry you feel the way you are but I know what I have works...the fact you do not is not of concern to me and I would therefore wish you the very best for the future......however, I will ignore your comments for now............

'Roughly translated....
I can't address hard questions or even easy ones so will continue to duck the issue with bull shit and hope that works'

As Mr Jim invites on his blog make up your own mind.

Anonymous said...

Just left at Mr. Jim McCormicks sorry excuse for a blog. The guy can barely write a coherent sentence!

Here is my latest message to him:

If you are so confident publish this comment and respond.

1. We have it on extremely good authority that your product cannot and does not work. We are pursuing this with a variety of journalists and expect that the story will break once they have managed to get hold of your kit and had proper tests conducted.

2. You keep claiming that your equipment will not work in proper double blind testing. Why? You give no rational explanation. Even if you do not publsih the rest of this comment at least try to answer that question if you have nothing to worry about.

3. Techowiz is not alone! There are quite a few of us who hate what you are doing. We are not safe, no-life idiots. We are people who care that you are seriously endangering lives with your bullshit, corrupting people to buy it, and living fat from the proceeds. This is a matter of honesty and integrity. Two qualities you clearly do not possess.

4. We will not give up and go away so you had better get used to sleepless nights wondering when your scam is going to come to an end. I personally hope you end up in Jail for this, and they take your ill gotten gains. That is what you deserve you lying, cheating scumbag!

Paul L said...

People who peddle the sort of nonsense like the ade have to resort to insults, it helps detract people from the facts, NOT.

Joe 'is it real' Johnson said...

Hey Jim or Gary,
How about giving us a demo?
Cant give you a million though, but we promise not to laugh, any takers???

Tony K said...

Mr Jim, why not take up poker instead, you would be great at that?
How do you keep a straight face when selling the ade, yes poker is the game for you.

Anonymous said...

More waffle on Mr Jims blog posted today. Completely avoids the issue of independent testing yet again, and tries to divert attention away by questioning our motives. Classic diversionary technique. As I have said in my response to him, which of course he won't publish, our bs detectors are a damn sight better than his bs detectors!!

Here's my comment:

So you claim that it is only a long range detector. Then explain why independent double blind tests cannot be set up to test this so called capability? There is absolutely no reason on erath why appropriate tests cannot be devised to satisfy your claims.

The fact remains that the claims you make for electrostatic attraction are simply not feasible and while you fail to agree to independent testing you are simply proving that you have something to hide. We have well honed bullshit detectors and they do work!

There is no point waffling on about our motivations. They are clear. Just answer why tests cannot be set up in simple, plain, clear language, and stop trying to divert from the issue.