Thursday, 6 November 2008

If it works why not have it tested?

There has recently been a lot of blogging regarding the equipment made by ATSC (ade651) and Global Technical (GT200). A challenge has been made to the ade651 by the James Randi Foundation, that if it can be proved, under test conditions, that it does what it says it does, then ATSC will win the $1,000,000.
Of course, as James Randi predicted, ATSC have not taken up the challenge. We are then treated to the most ridiculous excuses, 'I have no need of the million dollars', etc.
ATSC state that the JREF challenge is designed to fail their product, if the actual challenge is read, it is merely a test of what ATSC state their equipment is capable off.
So what is the problem, the problem is that without shame ATSC and Global Technical are selling this equipment to countries that don't have proper safeguards in equipment they purchase. It will be noted that the UK and US governments have not purchased, surely if it was as good as stated, these companies home market would be their first customers. The reality is that these companies know what they are selling is fake and that the UK market is perhaps a bit too close to home.
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Peter said...

Good on Techowiz for the efforts to expose these frauds. Disgraceful people who are prepared to lie and put lives at risk for the sake of lining their own pockets.

Fortunately we are beginning to get a lot of information on ATSC and Global Technical, and are pursuing them via official channels.

From SNIFFEX to MOLE to GT and ADE. An evolution of dangerous pond scum indeed.

Sadly there are unscrupulous buyers out there as well, and it is obvious that the main way this stuff gets sold is via dodgy business practices. Well, tenacity is the key to success and we will tenaciously hunt these fraudsters down!

Scambuster said...

I am delighted to see that you are making efforts to expose these fraudulent products, companies and the people behind them.

It is simply incredible to me that, if these products are so marvellous, they are not being sold in their thousands to U.K., U.S. and European Armed Forces, Security Services and Police.

In the immortal words of Private Eye:
"I think we should be told."

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

These devices soundlike nothing more than Bulsh*t detectors.

peter said...

More like gullible or corrupt buyer detectors!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody kow anyone involved in bomb disposal that could have a look at these websites and pass an informed comment?

Alex said...

My cousin is in EOD, will get him to lookover the websites and post his comment, unless of course ATSC or Global Technical wish to give him a personal demonstration, can be arranged via this blog, might be a long wait zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

peter said...

I am working on getting this information into the right hands i.e MOD and DOD. The Global technical guys claim that they have MOD support -Ho Ho.

We are waiting to hear of test results etc as promised in Jimbos August blog entry:

"What I will also be doing over the course of the next few months, is to also evaluate the effectiveness of other equipment and devices and to provide you an insight as to their respective effectiveness as well as supply some interesting comments and observations from both end-users as well as 'testing-authorities' that, you may find interesting.......(or not)....."

As alex said zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Perhaps Cousin can contact them directly and offer to set up testing.

Funny how all those challenged by JREF claim the tests are a set up. Of course a Double Blind test properly administered cannot be rigged. Any fule kno as Molesworth say.

Guys this is a battle to get Jimbo and Gazza at GT shut down and preferably prosecuted. I am hoping for a reply from the IEEE to help us comprehensively knock the claimed principles into a cocked hat. We really need a recognised electrical/electronics expert to comment on his claims that electrostatic attraction based on Coulombs Law can or cannot work. We know it cannot and the fact that he has admitted links to the MOLE and SNIFFEX is a breakthrough. he certainly has not explained why those tests failed as he says he can! Perhaps Balais was not rubbing his c**k hard enough during the test to get the required current from his static voltage!

Nuff for now but tthe more who join in this duck hunt the better!

Paul Lewis said...


Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr. Jim is keeping an eye out here. Shame he does not have the courage and conviction to publish all the questions to his own blog or the You Tube comments page!

Seems he is going back on his word to publish reasonable questions. Not really surprising from a fraudster though!

I think he should sue us all if he is so convinced he is right and the ADE works. Go on Mr. Jim, sue us please!!

Anonymous said...

This is from the website of the distributors in Lebabnon, Prosec. Strange that it contradicts Mr. Jims explanation on his blog, and uses the thermo-redox claims that have already comprehensively been debunked!

Layers of lies create confusion for the perpetrators

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Jim, Looks like you are not posting questions on your blog anymore. Why not come over here and answer them instead?

We are a friendly lot really, and if you prove that the ADE really does work then I for one will make a public apology, and beg you for a job!

Go on, what have you got to lose buddy?

Scamhunter said...

Mr Jim will not have his product tested for one simple reason, he knows it will fail. He has said this in answer to the JREF challenge.
The problem with his reluctance is that according to his waffle, sorry the marketing material, the ADE was in fact designed for just such a situation. The fact that Mr Jim refuses the challenge speaks volumes about his own confidence in his own equipment.
We must remember it is not Mr Jim's life at risk using this fake detector it is that of the soldiers.

Alex said...

My cousin who is in EOD, has had a look at the advertised devices from both companies, his informed opinion, 'what a load of bollocks'.
Still no offer from Mr Jim or Global Technical for a personal demonstration, what a surprise. Still waiting zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Lots of good information is here already on the ADE651