Thursday, 25 February 2010


On the 10th of November 1999, the Royal Engineer Export Support Team carried out what they describe as a, 'test' of the MOLE drug and explosives detector. The MOLE as some of you may remember is the predecessor of the ridiculous GT200, marketed and sold by Gary Bolton of, Global Technical Ltd., a UK company.

It would appear that the Royal Engineer Export Support Team were completely fooled by this simple scam and gave the MOLE a glowing report, which I have reprinted below. This report was used by Global Technical to support their claims that the MOLE and then the GT200 actually worked as stated, that is until, Dubious Dick of the UK skeps site complained to the MOD, who then instructed BOLTON and Global Technical to remove all reference to it in their advertising.

The 'detector card' of the GT200 was recently opened as per a previous post on this blog and found to contain a small piece of blank paper, don't forget that this is the UPGRADED MOLE version, so what the MOLE 'detector cards' contained is anyones guess.

In publishing the 'test report', I have witheld some pages as they identify some of the soldiers involved, not to spare them any embarrassment but for their security.

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