Friday, 28 January 2011

Newsnight do it again - Further exposure of the Phoney stick detectors.

Well done to the team at Newsnight of the BBC, for their determination to continually highlight the frauds that are stick on a swivel bomb detectors. Watch out for Colonel Wyatt Twerp who sells and defends the HEDD1 fraud, he obviously did not see the test I posted on this blog earlier. Enjoy watching them squirm.



peter said...

go Newsnight!! Go Techo!! Want to see them swing and reckon it's more likely now!!

R.I.T. (That's Rest In Torment)

Jim McCormick, ATSC and ADE651
Gary Bolton Global Technical GT200
David Vollmar, Unival and Sniffex Plus or HEDD1
And the rest of the nasty bastards involved in sellin this stuff.

peter said...

Great to see the story getting more coverage. All coming out now! Well done Techo, Newsnight and everyone else involved in the campaigh...must be action soon!!