Tuesday, 20 September 2011


This is an open letter to Gary Bolton of Global Technical and 'inventor' of the GT200 detection device.

        We are led to believe, in the contracts you make the mugs  sorry, I meant customers sign, you have the following clauses:

1)   The GT200 must on no account be opened by the customer.
2)   The 'detection cards' must on no account be opened by the customer.
3)   The GT200 must never be subject to a double blind test, or any other test whereby Global Technical or any of its agents cannot fiddle the results.
Can you confirm the existence of these clauses?
Also can you tell us for what reason you have these clauses? Is it because:

a)   All the magic within the GT200 will blow away if exposed?
b)   All the magic within the 'detection cards' will also blow away if exposed?
c)   The GT200, like your MOLE detector before it, will fail a double blind test?


Is it simply that your scam would be exposed if any of the clauses were breached? Such as in the following video for example?

Perhaps you can get your 'pet' solicitors to give us some answers, unless you want to come out from under your rock and tell us yourself?

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Anonymous said...

If that Bolton does crawl out from under a rock then someone better squash him quick before he gets up to any more nonsense!

I have something confidential to say to him. Gary, you are one revolting little man! And if it was legal I would be there now smashing you to a pulp!