Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Superman, you're sacked, we now have David Vollmar and the HEDD1.

In the years I have been campaigning against the swivelling aerial frauds I have heard a lot of silly statements muttered by the fraudsters in support of their scam, but none to match the recent ridiculous statement from the MD of Unival(Germany) David Vollmar (seller of the ridiculous HEDD1) in his latest email exchange with one of our supporters.

Vollmar has suggested that our campaign, with its impact on his scam device the HEDD1, is actually putting lives at risk by putting off potential customers. Well of course we see it differently, we think lives are actually being saved, with the added bonus that money that would have been paid into the Unival scam can be put into proven bomb detecting equipment.
It may be interesting to plot Vollmar's timescale of his involvement in this fraud. Vollmar initially bought into the original Sniffex scam (just Google Sniffex) shortly after its exposure in the USA and the fraudsters fled justice there.

As a result of the Sniffex being exposed as a fraud Vollmar renamed it, 'Sniffex Plus', 'Plus' what we we're never told, but sceptics made suggestions too numerous to publish here. Vollmar even went as far as to claim that he would take the, RANDI challenge (don't they all at some stage) After some baiting by the campaign Vollmar joined the, 'Legal Threats Club' and issued his first legal threat against us. When we called his bluff he then stated his 'legal advice' is that it would not be 'viable', funny they did not advise him about selling fraudulent products, maybe they did and he forgot to mention that. Anyway, 'Sniffex Plus' bombed (sorry could not resist that) and it was clearly time for a new branding, step forward the wonderful, HEDD1(Haven't we heard of other fraudsters re branding to escape previous exposures, Gary?) Anyway, the HEDD1 comes with all the usual secret test reports, very shy Governments, and specialist military units that don't wish to advertise the fact they have this wonderful device. They clearly don't want to deter any would be teorrorists by letting them know the HEDD1 is out there. If word should get out, they could adopt the ADE651 method of operation, and let a couple of hundred people get blown to bits so that the terrorists think it is a complete crock of shit. Its worked for the ADE651 so why not the HEDD1, as these fraudsters all use each others excuses why not share the failures?

Below is a Youtube copy of a television programme that was broadcast in Thailand. It shows David Vollmar and his toy soldier, Frank Trier trying to find three lots of various explosives hidden in five different boxes, random chance would give you at least two of the hidden explosives, so how did the wonderful HEDD1 perform when used by the company experts?

Also please note the following:
At, 3 minutes and 5 seconds into the video - The first 'identified box' is shown to be empty.
At, 3 minutes and 15 seconds into the video - The second 'identified box' is shown to be empty.
Have you worked it out yet? 3 boxes left, they must all contain explosives and yes, at 3 minutes and 20 seconds, SUCCESS, the magical HEDD1 finds the explosives, Vollmar rushes to the cameras to be photographed holding the 'found' explosive. But, hold on a minute, what is this happening at, 3 minutes and 40 seconds, Oh No disaster, the Thais have clearly unbeknown to Vollmar and Trier, hidden more explosives in the room and not told them about it, even though Vollmar and Trier had 'sweeped' the complete room the HEDD1 gave no indication of this untold about explosive. What could have gone wrong? Well at 4 minutes and 53 seconds, Frank Trier gives us a full explanation for the resulting failure of the HEDD1 to detect the 'secret stash' of explosives, he tells us, "It's not fair". Thanks Frank that fully explains that then!

To prove the HEDD1 works both Vollmar and Trier, then test for the secret explosive, which is now in full view in the room and can you guess, YES they both identify it, fabulous or not, you decide. Enjoy the video:

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Peter said...

Full marks yet again Techo! You have, as always, got right to the heart of the matter. What we see in the video is David desperately trying, like the psychics do, to hype his one apparent hit. Of course, we all know that, in that test in Thailand him and Frank performed worse than chance! Ho Ho!! But the usual excuses, including contamination (where did we hear that before? Yes, Paul hite and the previous incarnation of HEDD1. i.e. SNIFFEX INC, U.S.A. i.e The Yuri Markov inspired SEC fraud case, and David claims he and Yuri are doing World savig work. BULLCRAP DAVID. AGAIN!

The contamination argument is so funny! Because if the areas were indeed flooded with contaminats, upsetting the testing, then the bloody aerial would be swivelling all over the place wouldn't it? Or have we again misunderstood the mystical magical properties of the devices? DOH. I think not! haffya reckon folks. Are we wrong or is Vollmar?