Friday, 2 December 2011

They tried, they failed!

Interesting developments greeted us yesterday morning, without warning Google had pulled the blog of my friend and fellow campaigner Peter.

But the fraudsters enjoyment did not last long, because less than a few hours later it was back up in all its glory. What we have yet to discover is who was responsible for this attempted censorship. As they say, 'enquiries are continuing', but these are real ones, as opposed to the ones carried out by the plods!
Latest picture of Peter, just received:


Peter said...

as always the support of the magnificent Techowiz is greatly appreciated. Not only is he a fine fellow campaigner, but a fine man who I am honoured to call my friend! Techo, you are a bloody hero mate. Whatever Colin thinks!!

Anonymous said...

You guys really have no idea of what is really going on, do you? Man are you going to be surprised, can't wait to hear what you have to say then. Maybe repeating McCormicks words, "what can I say" it's going to be a hoot seeing you guys back track and squirm especially Technodork

Techowiz said...

Anonymous A.K.A. Romanian supporter, you guys have been very quiet since your paymaster, McCormick was charged,what were you saying about, 'back tracking and squirming'?
I would try to make you look stupid but you do such a great job yourselves/self.
Keep on trying.