Tuesday, 15 January 2013


We are somewhat surprised to see that Mira-Telecom in Romania, have failed to learn lessons from their past association with the, ADE651.
It now transpires they have flogged a, "Number of heartbeat detection devices to the, Ministry of Administration and Interior and the, General Inspectorate of Border Police (Romania)".


Sadly, for Mira-Telecom and perhaps even worse for the end users, this device is a SCAM. This device is the totally discredited, DKL Lifeguard, see below for a member of staff from, Mira-Telecom giving a sales demonstration of the DKL to some potenial mugs customers!

Click on the picture for a bigger picture.

This picture was taken from, Mira-Telecom's own Flickr account, check the link below:


Now, had Mira-Telecom carried out some due dilligence and consulted that well known clue giver, GOOGLE, like me they would have found the report from the experts at, Sandia Labs, USA which totally slams the claims made by DKL and lists it as a (sorry Mira-Telecom) another fraud!

Here is the link to the Sandia report for the information of Mira-Telecom:


OR, this link for another report and a nice picture of, Dale Murray holding the DKL Lifeguard:


Mira-Telecom, please learn from these mistake, I don't believe you can actually be that stupid.



Peter said...

The Who sang "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Oh yes they will!

The last dowsing device didn't work so let's try another one shall wee. That should do the trick!

Oh that Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom, not so much dowsing and dosing. Or could it be the making of a quick buck that appeals so strongly?

Anonymous said...


Can you tell me if there are any confirmed court dates yet for Mcormick and Bolton?

Techowiz said...

Hi Anon.

Sorry about the delay the McCormick trial is due to start on the 4th of March.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

Is this bomb detector the same as the Bristol UK based one which the "inventor" was jailed for fraud. It was designed for locating golf balls."Hello bomb detector from golfball detector" Make your mind up

Anonymous said...

So from golf ball detectors to bomb detectors! So that's why the "inventor" was jailed for fraud