Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Disturbing Update

As the title suggests there has been a disturbing update in the mission to expose these scammers, from a company, EK9 that sells and markets the GT200, the following quote:-

'A Product From Global Technical
The company has been at the forefront of the development of stand off technology for the detection of Narcotics, Explosives and Weapons. The GT200 has been continually upgraded and improved during its lifetime and now is the most reliable and advanced system of it’s type. Many other similar systems have appeared on the market in an attempt to mimic the success of the GT200, but the quality, reliability and range of substances that can be detected by the GT200, are far in excess of the competing system.
Two test reports are available that confirm the effectiveness of our technology. One is from the British Army and relates to the search of explosives. The report confirms the technology is ideally suited to stand off detection of explosives. This is an important reference from the Royal Engineers who are the foremost authority in the UK for explosives search and disposal, having gained experience from the troubles in Northern Ireland and operations around the world. The second report is from the Netherlands Ministry of Defence relating to the East Caribbean Task Force operations for narcotic interdiction. The report details the effectiveness of the system in sea and air operations'.

This is indeed a worrying development with the mention of the British Army.


Anonymous said...

It is more worrying for Global Technical and their distributors because the British and Netherlands Armies do not endorse these products, and are very unhappy at this misinformation

False claims will come back to haunt Global Technical, and the ATSC people with their ADE!!

Harry bradshaw said...

Will have to keep an eye on the Global Technical website, as well as EK9 to see when they pull these references out.
Going to write to my MP about these clowns, something must be done to stop them.

Anonymous said...

Good man Harry. More pressur ethe better. Doesn't really matter if they pull the claims. The stuff still won't work!!