Thursday, 13 November 2008

The story so far

I have come across an excellent site that gives the full story behind the scam equipment known as the, ADE651 and the GT200, With full acknowledgement to 'Lumpy' for putting the story together, the link is as follows, please take the time to read it.


Paul J said...

Very comprehensive, excellent find.

Anonymous said...

Great site. Looks like Jumpy has done the hard graft on this subject. Couldn't see how to leave a comment for them to add Global Technical and the GT range though? Amazing how widespread this garbage is!!

Let's get 'em good and proper!

Lumpy said...

Thanks for the link. I prefer the direct web address

since I do not use a site reader. I will look for more information on the GT, and how it is also apparently a re-named version of the same devices as previously sold.

This blog was added to the links on the side of our page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lumpy. Sorry for calling you Jumpy. Jumpy is what I would be if I knew anyone had relied on any of this kit to check a danger area for explosives!

Be interesting to make contact by the way. You can PM me as Dubious Dick or Techowiz via UK Skeptics. We are getting word out as much as possible.

Techowiz said...

Hi Lumpy and welcome,

Have been impressed by your research, as dubious dick has stated we have has a good go at these fraudsters and cntinue to do so.
Check out the following link and as aksed please feel freed to pm us:-