Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Gazza Fights Back!!!!!!

It would appear that the adverse attention is getting to the fraudster, Mr Gary Bolton, now you all know him he is the guy that introduced the brilliant, MOLE to the world. All I need to say about that fraud is read the Sandia report:-

it didn't just fail it bombed! (sorry no pun intended).
After that disaster it could be said that the Sandia report probably had a slight effect on sales of this scam, now, did Mr Bolton think, 'the game is up I had better stop putting lives at risk'? No of course not, money is obviously far more important than the risk to OTHER peoples lives, he just re-named the scam the, GT200.
Now if you are the sort of person who enjoys a good laugh at total fiction go to Mr Boltons webiste:-

and read the claims for this scam.

Mr Bolton has now threatened 'Legal Action' against one of our supporters, information at this time is a bit sketchy, but I think Mr Bolton is claiming that by calling his scam device the GT200, a scam, a fraud, a stick on a swivel that only detects the gullible and niave, he is suggesting that this is somehow a libel. Mr Boltons problem will be having to prove his device works in a court of law, and with his previous and the available evidence his case against our supporter will sink lower than Whale sh*t. Should be a fun day in court though, bring it on Gazza!!!!


Anonymous said...

Guess the old saying holds true eh! Once a scamster, always a scamster. Seems Gary GT200 Bolton, and Jim Five Bellys McCormick of ADE fame have taken it to heart anyway.

Sorry, what am saying? Heart! I meant wallets of course.

Cheeky boy though that Bolton! Legal threats! Pull the other one Gary!! It's got bells on!!

Do I smell more b**l shite around. I think my nose is more accurate than the ADE or the GT200!

Joe said...

Was it not the former MP Jonathan Aitken who set out to fight the 'alleged lies about him printed in the press' armed with his now, 'famous sword of truth'?
Now what happened to him.........

'He offered no defence at all as he stood there in the dock. Nothing now but one word which had stalked him ever since he decided to take on the world. Guilty'.