Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Which is it, Mr Jim???????

Mr Jim, perhaps you can help clear up some confusion? On your website ( you state the working principle is:-

'Using ATSC's proprietary application of electrostatic ion attraction, (also referred to as Electrostatic Attraction [ESA'

Yet, your Authorised Distributor in Lebanon, Prosec on their website (, they state:-

'The working principal is based on electrochemical (Thermo-Redox) detection'.

So which is it?????????

As you are so fond of alleging anyone who questions your scientific knowledge, 'that they don't know what they are talking about', perhaps you can clear this up for us?
Let me guess on this one, 'operator error'?
What a tangled web we weave when we set out to deceive.........


peter said...

Yep Techo! What plonkers these guys are. I mean, if you're going to fib then at least be professional about it!


Anonymous said...

It's not looking good for Mr. McCormick!

Let's keep an eye on the Prosec website to see if they make any changes. I have a copy of the current wording as evidence.

Mark Power said...

We need to discover whose lies are closest to the truth.

Anonymous said...


Sorry if I am missing some irony in your comment, but...

Neither is vaguely close to the truth. Dowsing rod is the closest description, and dowsing doesn't work to detect anything, so they're stuffed any which way you look at it!

There is Thermo-Redux technology. See:
for specific information.

Neither the ADE nor the GT bears any resemblance, and anyway, Jim says it's 'electrostatic attraction' and he is the originator of the ADE. OF COURSE, LET ME REPEAT, THIS CANNOT WORK!

Bad Bill said...

Why are these guys not under arrest?

Mark Power said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think you misread me I was taking the piss out of them. Hope that clarifies the situation!