Tuesday, 23 December 2008

How stupid do you have to be to buy the ADE651/GT200

A simple statement, if you are contemplating buying either the, ADE651 or the GT200 you are either stupid or corrupt.
This type of equipment has only undergone one serious test and that was at the, Sandia Laboratory in the USA. I have already reported how spectacularly these devices failed that test.
So the question we must ask is why do people still buy into this scam?
Even the most basic of research will show that these devices are just a scam.
The scientific basis that these devices are supposed to work under have been proved time and time again to be without any foundation whatsoever.
So why do people risk the lives of soldiers and police officers using this joke equipment?
Because you are either stupid or corrupt, that's why.


Anonymous said...

I suspect corrupt in most cases!!

Hello Jim. are you reading this? Happy Christmas you fat f****r. Enjoy scoffing the profits of your scam. They won't last long!

Have you thought, if you do sell these all over the corrupt World and someone does die, maybe their friends will come after you once they realise the stuff is s**t!! Better watch your back!

Paul Rooney said...

Sadly it seems there is a lot of stupid people in the world, or are they just corrupt?
I have noticed that Global Technical have other equipment for sale and the GT200 is just a sideline for extra money.
ATSC have all their eggs in one basket with the ridiculous ADE651, and would therefore suggest that they are the ones most vulnerable to your exposure of these frauds.
If it saves just one life or the money used is put to better use then your effort will be worthwhile, good luck.

Anonymous said...

You have to be a complete fucking arsehole to buy this rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you personally tried this stuff to legitimately qualify yourself to say what works and doesn't work??