Sunday, 11 January 2009

A Warm Welcome To The Latest Scammer....

A very warm welcome to the latest member of the, Scammers and Frauds Association.(SFA)
Mr Simon Sherrard,
Director of:-
ComsTrac Limited.

Selling and marketing the famous, Alpha6Now what can we say about the Alha6? Well, it has all the qualities of the, ADE651 and GT200, i.e. it’s a stick on a swivel and can only detect the corrupt and gullible.

Mr Sherrard is in very distinguished company with such notables as:-
Mr Jim ‘I know what I have works’ McCormick, and
Mr Gary ‘I’ll sue’ Bolton

So there we have it another fraud being unleashed by a UK company, we only need a supplier for Sniffex and we'll have a full set.

Be afraid, be very afraid these frauds are out there.........


Anonymous said...

What a fine threesome they make. All so desperate to tell us that their crap works and yet not willing to take some simple tests to prove it and thereby become World famous and almost certainly billionaires i.e if they took a straightforward double blind test, which is well recognised as the only valid method, and they won, imagine the impact.

You see gents, yes I am talking to you, FatJim, LawmanGary, and Shezza, Sherrard, that is why avoiding the Million Dollar Challenge proves you are frauds because you would have nothing at ll to fear if you are right and everything to gain. Whereas, making up ludicrous excuses, such as "standard testing does not work" with your kit, and "it is well tested" without a shred of credible evidence, and "we will be esting in the future", all fail the real, GET ON WITH IT TEST or GOWIT. Come to think of it, I shink you are FUCKWHITS who should GOWITand F.OFF to a hole somewhere, where vermin like yu belong. SNIFF. SNIFF - We're stil on your trail!!

Pete W said...

I think what the latest members equipment detected was the smell of easy money, selling this fake to stupid people.

Anonymous said...

Of course all these things work as advertised, thats why no reputable government has bought or uses this scam. Those thieving, lying, cheating scumbags should all be in jail.