Sunday, 25 January 2009

Still no support for the ridiculous ADE651

Sorry for returning to Mr jims sad excuse for a blog (have you noticed how quiet he has been lately?) But we are still waiting for the comeback from the highly respected, Hong Kong Police. To quote Mr Jim:

we will ride on every word you write and I will pass on your comments to the Hong Kong police...I am sure they will be interested in these.

That was on the 31st of August 2008, yes that’s right nearly 6 months ago, hardly bursting at the seams to support Mr Jim are they?

Now why do you think that could be?
Well of course I have my own suggestions such as:
Not wanting to be associated with a scam company such as ATSC.
Perhaps embarrassed about having bought this joke equipment in the first place.
I understand Chinese people are all about face so who would admit to being conned?

Your response Mr Jim is.....................?


Mal said...

This scam would put a politician to shame or even a Lord!!!!

peter said...

Yep, Jimbob does seem to have disappeared. Still doesn't mean we have and now there's a bit more for him and his fellow scamsters to be worrying about with serious political interest in the U.K. so look out Jim. The spooks are after you now. Ho Ho.

Paddy said...

I have ben following these blogs with interest and one representing Sniffex appears to have emerged recently, is this the same sniffex that has been rubbished throughout the web?