Wednesday, 17 June 2009

More 'Spot the Difference'

Can anyone spot the difference between the following statements?

Jim (ADE651) said in November 2008....
‘That being said, there will be testing done over the coming months and this will be done independently of public demand, although we will endeavour to use an Internationally recognised Authority that will also be willing to go public with their findings, but please sure of this, it will not be anyone who has any remote association with the Randi organisation.......when? all I can say is soon but be prepared for a long is not that we cannot find the right authority, it is finding an authority that is willing to go public with its findings.....because of you 'kind' support for such equipment, a lot of people have shy'd away........funny that!
Posted by ADE651 at 00:05
Monday, 17 November 2008

David (Sniffex Plus) says in June 2009

'So to make a long story short, we will in the coming months perform public testing under control from governmental and independent testing authorities, which we will put online as well.. Once this is concluded, I see no reason, why we shouldn’t also meet with Mr. Randi. The plan is to execute this in the summer months. Will keep you updated'.

Sorry, but any answers mentioning Mr Jims fear of the Randi Organisation will be excluded on the grounds that it is obvious he cannot bribe them to give his desired result.

Now a public acknowledgement of the excellent work done by, Peter on his blog at:

For exposing the lies around Global Technicals claim of government support for their ridiculous GT200, from his efforts Global Technical now have to remove the lies from their advertising material and website, must check that has been done!
Excellent result Peter good work.

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