Thursday, 30 July 2009

The ADE651 sinks to a new low

To give people an idea of how sick and how low the people behind these scam devices are, check out the ATSC posting on youtube.
They have only combined the tragic events of July the 7th 2005 into their advertising campaign for their scam devices.
The inference being, of course, that the deployment of the ADE651 could in some way have prevented that tragedy.
The reality is that the British, and American Governments have seen right through their scam equipment and neither, the military, Police, Customs or Security Services have even remotely for one minute considered buying into this scam, for those considering a purchase of this equipment think about that and ask yourselves why? Or perhaps more importantly ask the scam salesman why? Should be an interesting answer!!!
Gary Bolton, of Global Technical (GT200) tried to tie his company to some sort of Government approval, but after the intervention of, Dubious Dick was told by the Government to remove any reference to any UK approval for his scam device.
The ATSC advertisement goes on to feature a piece featuring that famous liar and fraud the previous UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, I bet even he would draw the line at being linked to this scam, no matter how much money he was paid.
Mr Jim, you are a very sick individual and should seek medical help immediately, you owe all those people that lost loved ones or were seriously injured a very big apology for linking your scam device to their grief.


peter said...

Sick, sick, sick. Jim McCormick, you should be tarred and feathered for this. If I was one of the family of the victims of the London bombings I would chop off your worthless knackers you horrible piece of shit!

omran said...

This article will aim to provide a satisfied customer’s point of view on ATSC’s ADE651, and also gives the other side to the argument from the current one sided blogs and disussion forums on the internet. Many people will ask why i bothered myself to write such an article? Being head of security for a large organisation in Egypt and after these so called anti skeptic websites were brought to my attention by a colleague and after reading quite a few articles, i noticed that these people were making quite childish and unfounded accusations about the product and its manufacturer without ever having used the product. This article aims to set the record straight from a customers point of view, who is neutral, but found that all current websites on the subject of the ADE 651 to be biased, one sided and frankly quite aggressive.
Before even buying an ADE651 unit you are provided with a full demonstration under which you would set the conditions for the test. Certain people however, seem to believe that governments and large organizations such as the one I work for would actually go ahead and purchase such a piece of equipment without strenuously testing and re-testing the unit under their terms and conditions. This of course does not happen. If an end user such as myself would not be happy with the results why would people go ahead and purchase it.
I do not claim to know the scientific reasoning behind the product and as the end user I frankly don’t care. All that matters to me is that the product actually works and that me and my team are currently using the ADE651 and every time we have demonstrated or tested the products it has worked. I have a staff of about 40 security officers working for me and every month or so I do so called spot checks and when used properly the device has never failed me. This is why I really am finding it difficult to understand why people who have never used the device will be so against it. I am one of many customers, of whom most I have spoken to who have been amazed and astounded at the accuracy and effectiveness of the ADE651 when its being used by well trained staff.