Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A free lesson for Mr Jim!

Mr Jim, you are an illiterate clown. You often accuse others of, 'not knowing what they are talking about'. We are supposed to believe that you have the remotest idea about scientific theories and processes, yet you post the following drivel on your blog:

'Instead of me typing a whole lot of drivel (as you all seem to think I do), please go to your web browser and merely type in the following in your search engine......"NQR" or, "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance" is what we call EMA or Electro-Magnetic Attraction...............the principal by which OUR equipment works'.

Let me give you two examples to help you in the future....

'Mr Jim you are the 'principal' fraudster in the dowsing rod explosives detector scam.
(Principal - Chief, major, main)

Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance and Electro Magnetic Attraction are two completly different scientific 'principles'.
(principle - Rule, law, theory)

So if anyone does't know what they are talking about, I suggest it is you Mr Jim.

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