Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The amazing Mr Jim and his Eureka moment......

One can only begin to imagine the excitement at Scammers Uk Headquarters (ATSC) when one of them found the scientific phrase, ‘Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance’, even more delight when they found that it was used in explosives detection. ‘Eureka’ screams Mr Jim, we’ll say that was what we meant when we described our equipment when we used the scientific term, ‘Electro Magnetic Attraction’. But they are two different principles shouts an enlightened one, no matter says Mr Jim we’ll just increase the bribe, after all we are only dealing with thirld world countries who are too stupid to know any better. So it came to pass that the scam equipment known as the, ADE651 changed it’s working principle to, ‘Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance’.
I’ll leave it to a knowledegable contributor of the JREF forum, ‘Biff Starbuck’ to sum up;

'You can paint black and white spots on a pig, but it does not make it a dalmatian. And you can put any scientific words you can imagine on a web site about your dowsing rod, but it does not make it an explosives detector'.

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