Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The fraudsters at ADE651, caught out (AGAIN)

It seems after their exposure by The New York Times things have got desperate for ATSC, makers of the scam device the ADE651.
They have been caught out on several websites and blogs doing multiple postings, allegedly from different people in various parts of the world, but when checked, yes you've guessed it, all from the same IP address.
To see one of the sites where they have been caught go to:


Now with his 'thousands of satisfied users' why cannot the Scammer- in-Chief, Jim McCormick find one REAL person to say something/anything positive about his scam device?
This is the same Jim McCormick who pretends he has the remotest idea about scientific law and theory, when he does not even know the difference between the words, 'principal' and 'principle', and of course when he waffles on about his scam he uses the wrong word.
To see further evidence of his wonderful command of the english language, and for a bloody good laugh, go to his blog, where you will see for some reason he does not like me!!!!!!


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