Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New York Times exposes the scam ADE651

The New York Times has exposed the ADE651 in Iraq as a complete fraud. The article published in todays paper shows the ADE651 to be totally ineffective in detecting explosives. Lt Colonel Hal Bidlack describes the device as, 'Nothing more than an explosives divining rod'.
Whilst it was further stated by, Major General Richard Rowe who oversees Iraqi Police training for the American Military, goes on to say, "I do not believe there is a majic wand that can detect explosives, if there was we would all be using it".
Meanwhile back in fantasy land the Iraqi Major General Jehad al-Jabiri clings to his bribe wih the following statement, "Whether its magic or scientific (he clearly does not know which) what I care about is it detects bombs".
The Major General then goes on to say, "I don't care about Sandia or the Department of Justice or any of them,(try not to laugh at the next bit) I know more about this issue than the Americans do.
In fact I know more about bombs than anyone in the world".

Colonel Bidlack sums up the situation when he says, 'When the say they are selling you something that will save your son or daughter on patrol, they've crossed an insupportable line into moral deparavity'. Read that statement again Mr Jim, he is talking about you!
Colonel Bidlack was further critical of the scam devices by saying, 'It would be laughable, except someone down the street from you is counting on this to keep bombs of the street'.
As a test, a guard and a driver for the New York Times drove through 9, YES 9 checkpoints were the ADE was deployed and it failed (not surprisingly to those of us who know about this scam) to detect the ak47s and ammunition inside the vehicle.That alone speaks volumes for these devices.

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Anonymous said...

This is just the usual morally depraved Iraqi corruption, like when they rip off or demand kickbacks for medicine for Ministry of Health hospitals.