Monday, 7 June 2010


Well it didn't take too long did it? The smell of easy money from this fraud must be overpowering, no surprise to see the involvement of McCormick in this one.

Another phoney stick on a swivel designed to seperate mugs from their money. The list gets ever longer. At least it made me laugh, check out the very first couple of seconds, this is not just a, 'long range detector' this is a, 'very long range detector'. No doubt the next scam device will be a , 'very, very long range detector'!!! Where will it all end?


Cristea said...

I don’t know what to think. It will be necessary more than some posts on a blog to convince me this is not functional. There is not even one undoubted prove to sustain those affirmations.

TECHOWIZ said...

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

Cristea said...

Romanian is not getting in anything. So stop accusing Romania for a company presentation. Who are those people? Nobody! What did Romania bought? Nothing! So let’s keep it down with accusations!

33comtois said...

So you, the British, start a scam and the Romanians are to blame? Nice logic! Where did you learn to make such connections? Nursery school? Didn't I tell you to stop fooling around!? Do you still play at your dad's computer? I might be forced to tell him and you'll be grounded for the rest of the week.

the redneck ;)

TECHOWIZ said...

I suppose the fact that this blog is in English means it is difficult for you to understand what is written. Please point out where I have blamed the Romanians for the actual scam? What were you saying about logic?
For the record the scam was actually started in the USA, so if you are going to state things as fact try to get them right, just once in everything you have written anywhere would be good, but too much to hope for I suppose.
How do you know Romania is not involved in this product?
Why would they be presenting it and supporting it if they were not actively involved in it?
How do you know Romania has not bought into this scam?
Have either of you found any evidence yet to support the theory that these scam devices can detect anything but the corrupt and the stupid? Of course you haven't, that is why you keep trying to steer the topic away from things like EVIDENCE, the most hated word in the scammers dictionary.
Still no sign of any of the scammers taking the Randi million dollar challenge, still no sign of the scammers about to sue any of the publications that have called them a scam, a fraud an absolute cheat, why is that?
What reputable company would not take action over the comments made about their company in the manner that has been published?
Perhaps when either of you, or if past experience is to go on, where you post as different people but from the same ip address, can answer any or all of these questions you might not be the laughing stock you currently are.

Cristea said...

Do you have any prove the Romanian bought any devices? And even they bought them there is no prove the device is a scam. Only because you said so. Give me a break!
What are you trying to say with the ip? I don’t understand. You are a scam and try to full people with your posts trying to distract attention from the subject and fill this blog with junk.

CristeasMUM said...

Hi Techowiz,
I am the mother of the person who posts under the name of, Cristea, Alan, Jamsteelful & 33Comtois. As you said they are all one and the same person. I am sorry he has littered your blog with all his nonsense but you have to understand he is poorly educated and only 12 years old. I will make sure he is in bed by 7pm at the latest everynight so he wont be bothering you again.
Thank you for your understanding and once again apologies for my silly little boy.

johnTford said...

Why do you allow those arseholes to post on your blog? It is not like they have anything sensible to say.

Jordan said...

i have seen this product in demonstration and trail in NATO conference (France Sep 2008).
The principle of use is different that all the other passive devices (sniffex, ADE651,Mole, Hedd etc). This is fully electronic device with electronic database of the materials. This is not only for explosive. It can find every material. The success of NATO trails that day (blind test) was 100%.
The full system comes with software that can display the searches on a GIS map.
Also, it is for very long distance. It located army bases, over 10 to 15km away.
So I think your blog is a scam, because I saw the results with my ears.
An Army officer

Techowiz said...


So you have seen this device work and find explosives. Well I look forward to seeing you take them money in the Randi Million Dollar Challenge.
And you actually saw this magic with your very own ears, and heard it with your eyes no doubt.
Having collected the million dollars, I will then expect to see it in use with all the credible armed forces of the world.
Might be a long wait for that though.

Diodebell Corporation said...

Dear sirs,

DiodeBell Corporation informed the existence of articles at your blog which refer to DiodeBell corporation and its product AL6D. For the clarification of the things, DiodeBell would like to post the following and the readers can make their conclusions.

DiodeBell Corporation is an electronics company, strong in research, based in Greece. In USA there was only a sales office. Our job is to research, design, produce and market unique electronic systems. One of our products is AL6D, the Accurate Long Distance Material Detection system.

The AL6D is an electronic device. The AL6D device has electronic boards, with very accurate signal generation and emits electromagnetic signals. It has antenna(s) which are fixed on the device and they move together around a handle which is located at the bottom part of the device. The user moves the device-antenna(s) around and they stop to move when the device points to the direction of the material. The device with the electronics and the batteries is heavy to move by itself, that is why they are moved by the user. The user cannot move the device around, passing the material. The material stops the move of the device and thus it is very clear when detection is achieved. Training is required for the correct operation of the system.

The AL6D detector has a display. The display turns on when the user presses any key on the keypad and then after a few minutes it turns automatically off to save power from the batteries. We used 2 packs of seven AAA batteries each, and the device operates few hours with this power. Most of the power from the batteries is used for powering the transmission of the signals. The display is off most of the time.

The AL6D device has programmed inside the signals of all the different materials that need to be searched. The AL6D device does not need sample of material when searching and does not need any power from the user. The AL6D device transmits different signals depending on the selected material to be searched.

The operation of the AL6D device is not based on the user. The AL6D device works and operates accurately with all the users. The AL6D finds correctly the direction of the material every time.

Diodebell Corporation said...

Mr McCormick was also mentioned in your blog and for that we declare the following:
Mr McCormick was in the audience, in one presentation of the AL6D device. Mr McCormick does not have any relation with the research, design and production of the AL6D accurate long distance material detector. Mr McCormick does not have any business relation with DiodeBell Corporation.

DiodeBell corporation sells unique electronic products to ease the lives of people. DiodeBell has a PCB production line from the Swiss corporation Essemtec. DiodeBell designs and produces all the products it brings to the market. DiodeBell keeps the know-how of its products to itself.

DiodeBell suggest to people to: comment and draw conclusions on products only if you have used them personally, and if you have the proper training to use them right.

DiodeBell corporation would like to remind readers to be careful when they read comment of products to make sure that the author of the article has described how he/she used the product, for how long, and how he/she obtained training on the usage of the product.

DiodeBell invites people, that have used its products, to comment on them.

The DiodeBell Team

Diodebell Corporation said...

The operation of the AL6D device is different from dowsing. One simple experiment can prove that the AL6D device is not based on dowsing.

If you have an AL6D device you can do the following: One person (lets call him John) selects the material to be searched on the AL6D device, starts the transmission, and waits a few minutes until the display turns off. Then he hands the device to the second person (lets call him George) to use the device. George moves the device around without turning-on the display and without knowing what is he searching. The device-antenna will stop in some direction(s) and George marks these directions by drawing lines on the ground. Then, they turn on the display, for George to see what he was searching. They confirm that on each one line that George has marked, exits material which its name is shown on the display.
Then, they repeat the test. John takes the device, changes the material to be searched, starts the transmission and wait until the display turns off. Then he gives the device to George to search again with the new settings. This time, the device-antenna will stop in different direction(s) and then, they confirm again that the new directions are again correct. All the different materials to be tested may be covered so George does not have any idea what are the materials to be searched.

JohnTFord said...

Techowiz, Do you think the Al6D will be taking the Million Dollar Challenge?
Do you think they will be selling it to the Western Military Armed Forces?
Of course they wont it is a scam like the others.

peter said...

To those defending these products, all it takes to convince us to get tests done by independent authorities on the correct double blind basis. Simples! Nothing else counts! Eye witness statements of so called tests, but better referred to as rigged demonstrations do not count! Get it! So, just get your pals to do the tests as promised and we will all be happy. Or should I say we will be happy because the scam devices will yet again be exposed as scams. The truth is out.

Diodebell said...

As we official explained in our post, some months ago (, AL6D is not a scam. It is an electronic system for detecting explosives far away. It is not like other empty devices.
Did you test it?
Do you have results of any testing?
Did you ever seen the system?

For that reason please remove our product from the title of your blog. Otherwise our law dept will act to remove it.

Diodebell SA

Techowiz said...


If your device can do what you claim, then please submit testing by a CREDIBLE agency, such as a university, or RANDI org. Anecdotal evidence is evidence of nothing.

A person does not have to use equipment to know it is a scam.
I know a gun is dangerous, not because I use one, but because I have been shown it to be dangerous.

YOU make extraordinary claims for the workings of YOUR device you need to provide extraordinary evidence.

Anything else is just the usual scammers waffle and avoidance of providing credible evidence. Either put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

The JREF will pay US$1,000,000 (One Million US Dollars) ("The Prize") to any person who demonstrates any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability, since the AL6D does not fall into any of these categories how could it be applied.

Techowiz said...

The JREF also offers the 'prize' to any fraudster operating any of the swivelling aerial scams, who can make them detect anything other than the corrupt, the gullible or the stupid. In which category the AL-6D sits perfectly.