Friday, 18 February 2011

Partners in crime, partners in jail.

I bet the ADE651 doesn't seem such a good idea now, does it guys?



Anonymous said...

Loving it Techo!

peter said...

What a lovely pair,,,NOT!

Diodebell said...

As we official explained in our post, some months ago (, AL6D is not a scam. It is an electronic system for detecting explosives far away. It is not like other empty devices.
Did you test it?
Do you have results of any testing?
Did you ever seen the the system?

For that reason please remove our product from the title of your blog. Otherwise our law dept will act to remove it.

Diodebell SA

Anonymous said...

Message for Diodebell consisiting of two fingers stuck up in the air. Go on, then come after us! Others have threatened before but not done anything. Bet you are the same sort of cowards.

Apply for the JREF Million Dollar Challenge and win and we will become your biggest fans ever! Promise! Go on, Just do it!!