Friday, 25 February 2011

An Apology to Diodebell and their amazing AL-6D!

In light of the the following testimonials sent to us by Diodebell in support of their claims for the Long Range(or should that be, very, very long range) Explosives Detector, the AL-6D, we now unreservedly withdraw all criticism.

Flash Gordon says:

" I never go anywhere without my AL-6D it has saved my life so many times".

Buzz Lightyear says:

"Thank you Diodebell, as I travel through space with  the AL-6D by my side, I know I am completely safe because of all the things it can detect. It has helped me on many adventures".

Superman says:

"The AL-6D is the real deal, it is the only device that can warn me at very, very long range about the presence of green kryptonite"

Captain Kirk says:

"The AL-6D is the only raygun that I allow on the Starship Enterprise. The fact it has a battery makes it stand out from rayguns of similar design and specification".

Another fact that we were unaware of that Diodebell have kindly pointed out, is the range at which the AL-6D can detect the sun, the following chart is from their website:

Had we been aware that the AL-6D can detect the sun at these sort of ranges we would never have included it in our list of scams. Diodebell are at pains to point out to us, and users of the AL-6D that detecting the sun at ranges of less than 500M may cause sunburn.

In full and final settlement of any claim against us we have today credited your space account with, 40 Billion Uranus Shekels these as you will be aware are the dual use shekels.


peter said...

Just to clarify for those not in the know. The dual use Uranus Shekel can be used as toilet paper in emergencies. Contrary to rumour it has not been devalued, or shown to be a forgery, or fictional in any known tests available.

However, it has been certified for wiping out clingons (a.k.a. winnets see

by the universally renowkned Thomas Crapper Laboratory, Porcelain Towers, Ubend Lane, Ballcock Technology Park, Flushingtonville, USA (United States of Arse)


AL-6D is the best device in the world really because I have been use it my self it great one .

Techowiz said...

"AL-6D Explosives Detocter". Does this mean that you will be taking the RANDI challenge in the near future?
Win yourself a cool million dollars and the sort of publicity you could not buy.
Anecdotal evidence is evidence of nothing, take the challenge or put forward credible evidence by a recognised testing authority, or you join the ranks of swivel stick scammer.