Thursday, 26 May 2011

Superinjunctions and the Avon and Somerset Police

Who could have missed the frenzy over Ryan Giggs and his attempt to stifle the free press reporting on him? Well it is not only celebrities and high worth individuals who do not like criticism, step forward the Avon and Somerset Police. My latest blog piece criticizing the Avon and Somerset Police prompted a spiteful reaction from them, with the sole intention off stopping me criticizing them publicly. Well I have news for them, like Ryan Giggs their latest blunder has not worked and I will use this blog and other forums to continually highlight their incompetence.

Let's examine the timeline about how things have panned out:

Avon and Somerset Police allege they were investigating the activities of McCormick and ATSC 12 months before they arrested him. Well whatever enquiries they were making they obviously did not consult that well known clue giver, 'Google', because if they did they would have found a wealth of information to assist them. Anyway, the BBC Newsnight team told the Avon and Somerset Police that they were going to do, 'a piece' on McCormick and the infamous ADE651 some time before screening, call it coincidence if you believe in such things, but before the programme was shown, Avon and Somerset Police leaped into action and arrested McCormick.

For the rest of 2010 things moved slowly or not at all, fast forward to 2011 and the BBC Newsnight team do another piece regarding the ADE651 and the other stick on a swivel detectors, a short time later, purely by chance you understand, another arrest is made, no charges are made and as they say, 'enquiries are ongoing'.

It seems the motivating factor for action with the Avon and Somerset Police is publicity.

Earlier in this piece I mentioned Google and its lack of referal by the Avon and Somerset Police, for instance, had they consulted Google they might well have found out about the ADE651 being sold in Niger without me having to tell them. They might also have discovered about other sales in Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Hong Kong without me having to tell them.

Perhaps they might have found out about the widely published arrest of Major General Jabiri in Iraq (mentioned on this blog and numerous others too many to mention). Not least the worlds press and international television stations that broadcast details of the arrest, without me having to tell them.

Let's examine that statement a bit more closely, Jabiri was the main supporter of the ADE651 in Iraq, (sales $85M) He shouted down all and any criticism of the device from whatever quarter. It seems however his praise of the device was not linked to the performance of the ADE651, but more to his swelling bank account from the backhanders he received for buying the devices. Jabiri appeared on Iraqi national television with McCormick, after they were called to account over the murderous bombing campaign that had taken place in and around Baghdad in the previous few months. The ADE651 had proved totally ineffective in preventing these and any other attacks in Baghdad, to say the least people were concerned. Jabiri and McCormick gave what could only be described as a laughable demonstration of the alleged capabilities of the ADE651. You would have thought that General Jabiri would have been high on the radar of the Avon and Somerset Police, especially since he was arrested for corruption involving the ADE651. So did they discover about the arrest of Jabiri by grim faced steely eyed detective work? No, I had to tell them because they knew absolutely nothing about it.

I started this blog to highlight the danger that the stick on a swivel detectors pose to those who have been taken in by them, and those supposedly protected by them. I have had a reasonable amount of success in bringing about a greater awareness of these scam devices, both nationally and internationally, but it seems the hardest task is to get the Avon and Somerset Police to take some positive action.

In the time that the Avon and Somerset Police have been 'investigating' this matter over 300 people have been killed as a direct result of the failure of the ADE651.

So if anyone from the Avon and Somerset Police is reading this, and I know you do, read over that last statement again and realize these are just the reported deaths due to the failure of these scam devices. The first priority of the police is the protection of life, by blundering from one dead end to another can you really say you are fulfilling that obligation?

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Anonymous said...

As you well know, you are not the only one questioning this apparent farce.

There ha been a criminal and despicable fraud, committed on a large scale, very largely by two Britsih companies, and absolutely f all is being done. WHY?

This is as erious embarassment to the K and we will continue to make it so while we are free men!!!

This is damned disgusting and we will nevfr stop till we see justice. We hope you ALL understand. There is no silencing us. That means EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DAMN MESS!!