Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why has Gary Bolton not been arrested and Jim McCormick charged?

As of today Gary Bolton of Global Technical, the 'inventor' and maker of the totally discredited GT200 remains free to carry on business as usual. The only restriction placed on him is by the UK Governments ban on the export of these scams to Iraq and Afghanistan. This will not bother Bolton as his main markets are in the Far East, so it really is business as usual for him.

Let’s examine the similarity between Gary Bolton and Jim McCormick:

Bolton and McCormick used to work together on another scam called the MOLE. Without the knowledge of Bolton, McCormick and his then partner Robert Balais approached the Sandia Laboratory in the US in an attempt to get the device approved. It will be no surprise to anyone here that the MOLE failed comprehensively. Any belief either of the men held before this test that the MOLE could detect explosives was surely at this stage completely destroyed. When Bolton found out about the test he promptly severed all links to McCormick and Balais. However, the damage had already been done to his product and the impact on sales was immediate. As a result Bolton changed the design and called the ‘new device’ the GT200. Based exactly on the same scam as HIS previous device the MOLE, so it is very safe to assume that he knows this certainly does not work.

Apart from the Sandia Laboratory report, he is also well aware that Thailand has conducted several tests on his GT200 and every time it has failed. The Thai Prime Minister was forced to announce on national television that the GT200 performed less than chance. Bolton makes reference to these tests on his website.

So, onto McCormick, he also knows that his ADE651 does not work, he was present at the test at the Sandia Laboratory, he is well aware that the ADE651 failed to detect large amounts of explosives in Iraq resulting in a massive loss of life. He should remember as he was called to account in Iraq. The ADE651 is nothing more than a redesigned GT200, they look the same, they perform the same, and they are the same. The only thing different is the name.

Now let us examine what has happened since:

We are asked to believe that the Avon and Somerset Police were looking at McCormick a full twelve months prior to the BBC Newsnight programme shown in January 2010. After twelve months investigation apparently there was then enough evidence to arrest McCormick on suspicion of fraud by misrepresentation. Seems fair enough and straight forward, but No, it is now sixteen months since that arrest, McCormick has been bailed several times but still no charges have been brought. So to recap, Avon and Somerset Police have been investigating this matter for nearly two and a half years and they still, apparently, don’t have enough evidence to charge McCormick? Even after the arrest in Iraq of General Jabiri on charges of corruption relating to the purchase of the ADE651. I don’t think the Nuremberg investigation and Trial took this long! I will leave people to draw their own conclusions from that.

Let us now move onto Bolton, he is being investigated by the City of London Police probably the experts in this type of investigation. A cursory check of the internet would show that there is a similar amount of evidence against both Bolton and McCormick. I assume both Police Forces have conducted their own tests to show both devices cannot work. The GT200, it is claimed, has also been responsible for loss of life in Thailand, again the device failed to detect hidden explosives and as a result people died. There is an absolute treasure trove of video evidence on the internet, some of which I have reproduced here on my blog that shows the GT200 is a total scam. Sadly, it seems even that is not enough for the City of London Police to at least arrest Bolton let alone charge him.

I accept that if you ask two people a question you can get two different answers, but surely these two Police Forces should be working together not going their separate ways. So there we have it, one Police Force the Avon and Somerset Force think there is enough evidence to arrest but not charge, the other, the City of London Police do not feel there is even enough evidence to make an arrest. What a total farce!

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Anonymous said...

It is beyond beliefe that these people are free to come and go as they please, having committed such serious crimes. Are the Police incompetent or would they prefer it to go away, perhaps because of official embarrassment at support for Bolton from the Department for Business or DTI as was, the MOD and the oyal Engineers.

Unless action is taken soon we know there must be sone sort of cover up going on. Why else would no action have been taken against these fucking accessories to murder!