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Wheels within Wheels.........

We have often wondered what the problem was with arresting Gary Bolton. As I have previously stated he is engaged in the same fraud that McCormick is, yet The City of London police don't feel they have enough evidence to even make an arrest. But, could there be another reason for the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the police to take some positive action against Bolton? Could it be perhaps the circles he moves in? We have him down as just a common fraudster that cares little for the lives of people relying on his GT200, but could powerful friends be protecting him from the unwanted attention of the police? Let's look at who some of his friends are and then decide:

On Tuesday the 9th of November 1999, Bolton appeared before the Trade and Industry Committee at the Houses of Parlliament to give evidence on, ECGD:

(The Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) is the UK's official export credit agency.

They provide services such as:
• insuring UK exporters against non-payment by their overseas buyers;
• helping overseas buyers to purchase goods and/or services from UK exporters by guaranteeing bank loans to finance those purchases;
• insuring UK investors in overseas markets against political risks.)
The examining panel was chaired by, Mr Martin O'Neill MP (Now Baron O'Neill of Clackmannan) and an assortment of other MPs:

Quite how Bolton managed to end up giving evidence is probably something we will never find out. He was introduced to the Panel by someone who described Bolton as a, 'colleague', by no less a person than, Major General Alan Sharman. Indeed Bolton was sharing the stage with some very illustrious company as the following shows:

Chairman  (Martin O'Neill MP)

(Extract from the minutes-)

"Thank you very much, gentlemen. Major General Sharman, could you introduce your colleagues and then we will start"?

(Major General Sharman) "I am Alan Sharman, Director General of the DMA. My colleagues are, first of all, on my right, John McGowan, who is the Strategic Planning Director of GKN Westland Limited. On his right, Robert Scallon, who is the Export Finance Director of Thomson-CSF plc, which is the UK arm of the French-owned global company. Gary Bolton, on my left, is a Director of Global Technical Ltd which is a very small company, currently ineligible for ECGD cover generally. We have tried to bring a cross-section of a large company, a global company, a small company and myself to bat the general questions".

During the session Bolton was addressed directly by the chairman, Baron O'Neill, the following is direct from the minutes:

Chairman (Baron O'Neill)

49." Mr Bolton, can you tell us the kind of sums that you were talking about, which seem not to reach the glass ceiling, as it were? What does your business do? Global Technical covers a multitude of activities, one would imagine."
(Mr Bolton) "Basically the main push we have now is a new type of drugs and explosives detection system."

Gary, you are a very naughty boy you have told lies to a parliamentary committee. The reason is that you have never had a, "drugs and explosives detection system", you knew then, as we all know now it is a complete scam and to suggest otherwise is just downright lies.

So, we are not talking the local chamber of commerce here, these guys are at the very top of the tree with the power to make things happen, or not. So we now know how Bolton got the services of the Royal Engineer Export Support Team, and the massive support of the then, Department for Trade and Industry (Why have none of them been arrested?). But for sheer power and influence let's look at Bolton's friend and 'colleague', Major general Sharman.

Picture of Major General (RTD) Alan Sharman

Sharman has had an interesting career within the military, his 'Linkedin' summary shows the following:
 Major General Alan G Sharman CBE CEng FIMechE

Alan Sharman has considerable, strategic level knowledge and experience of the acquisition processes of the UK Ministry of Defence. During a full Service career he served in a wide variety of operational units and in command and staff appointments in research and development, policy, equipment capability(so should know a scam such as his friend Bolton was selling at this time) and in-service fleet management. He held three senior appointments in acquisition: Project Management Logistic Vehicles, Director of the Tank Programme (in which appointment he directed the acquisition of Challenger 2) and, finally Director General Land Systems responsible for the procurement of all Army equipment.

Thereafter, he was for 10 years Director General (Chief Executive Officer) of the Defence Manufacturers Association, the leading Trade Association for the UK Defence Industry. He represented the Industry to Governments, Armed Forces and the Media at the highest level and promoted its products and services to customers at home and overseas. He has considerable experience of marketing through defence exhibitions, missions, personal contacts, media activity and general promotion coupled with knowledge of the key markets and the importance of offset, finance and after-sales support in securing defence export business. He has a comprehensive understanding of export control systems and the sensitivities involved for the UK and other Governments.

He is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, was Chairman of its Automobile Division and has been a member of the CBI Council and the Defence Industries Council. He was appointed a CBE in 2002 for services to the Defence Industry. He is, currently a Non - Executive Director on the Boards of MIRA Ltd, Aspire Defence Holdings Ltd and Singlepoint Holdings Ltd and a Defence Advisor to KBR and Halcrow.

Specialties  army, council, macromedia director, mechanical, ministry of defence, procurement.

Alan Sharman's Experience

Non Exec Director MIRA Ltd
Public Company; Automotive industry
2007 – Present

Non-Executive Director Singlepoint Holdings Ltd
Information Technology and Services industry
April 2007 – Present

Non-Executive Director Aspire Defence Holdings Ltd
Facilities Services industry
June 2006 – Present 

Consultant Halcrow
Privately Held; Civil Engineering industry
June 2010 – September 2010 (4 months)

Advising on Defence related aspects of a project in India

Director General Defence Manufacturers Association

Defense & Space industry
1997 – 2007 (10 years)

Director General Land Systems UK Ministry of Defence

Government Agency; Defense & Space industry
1994 – 1996 (2 years)

This is the sort of guy Bolton mixes with and knows, not withstanding past and present MPs, so tell me again, why has Bolton not been arrested?

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Anonymous said...

As we have suspected for some time, there do seem to be inordinate delays in real action against McCormick and Bolton. While this lack fo action continues, we continue to speculate. The questions remain in all goo stories. Who benefited from the money? Who benefits from silence?

The great thing is that you are keeping this story alive by digging up such juicy bits of information. Lets hope that it has some effect in the right places! Yes. They know who they are!!