Wednesday, 7 September 2011


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News reaches us that the 'friends' of McCormick now see any association with him as a liability. I don't know if he has noticed the phone calls have dried up, the unanswered emails, Mr Jim they are trying to tell you something. Check the letter reproduced below from your 'good friend Stelian as an example.
The only question left is, will 'Captain Jim' go down with the ship?

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Peter said...

Hope Stelian is enjoying your latest post!! Ho Ho!! As we know the relationship between Mira and McCormick was deep and dodgy. hey admit to nothing in their letter about how long they had been associated and financially benefitting from McCormicks blood money investment.

And we know he was fibbing about when they split, or so they say, with McCormick!! Liars, and cheats. Mira Telecom. Where's your legal threat now Stelian!! Ho Ho!!