Wednesday, 7 December 2011


A disturbing development reaches us (yet again). It would seem that one of our premier fraudsters is heading for pastures new. Yes, Gary Bolton is shutting shop and legging it to a non extradition country. Gary split up a while ago from his wife and company secretary, Heather, she was last heard off in Dubai. Having virtually abandoned his former marital abode in Gravesend, which is free from any mortgage and bought with £400,000 cash, he then set up a new love nest with the delightful Carly in, St Mary's Island, Chatham, Kent. Sadly neither he nor Carly have been seen here recently either.
Perhaps he is busy at his company's registered office, sadly not, he abandoned the company premises some months ago and the property is now up for re-let, with the company about to be struck off for failing to submit company records as required.
So it would appear that Gary has simply shut up shop and legged it with all the ill gotten loot from his fraud. So no accountability for all the people who have lost their lives as a result of this despicable fraud, and certainly no compensation to the Governments who spent millions thinking they were protecting their citizens using this scam device. Well done law enforcement.
The Fake Explosives Detector Campaign has written a book to help with any future investigation supplied free on request to the, City of London Police and the Avon and Somerset Police! See below for details:


Peter said...

Pissed me pants Techo! You can't say those terrible things about "The Best Damn Police in the whole wide World" ERRRRRRR

Stephen Lawrence,,,ooops there goes my Tourettes de France syndrome again! and, by the way, that poor Mr. Jeffries!!!!

Anyway, all I see is dummies, everywhere I look except when I look a man like Techo in the eye!

Colin Port Chief Constable said...

Dear Techowiz,
please supply 1,000 copies of the Fake Explosive Detectors Campaign book on Fraud Investigation as a matter of urgency.

Anonymous said...

The old love birds are still in St Marys island, or may be Carlys cocaine habit is getting a bit too much for Old gary, he looks so old doesnt he? do you think hes not sleeping well?