Thursday, 8 December 2011


After the previous post regarding Gary Bolton, we have just received the below picture. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Gary and Carly, please let us know.

We have been asked to refer any information regarding Bolton's present location to the website:

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Peter said...

Techo makes me wee me knickers again laughing. Had a chat this morning with the old rapscallion, and he and me reckon that the new website (coming soon!) will bea good forum for fraudsters and criminals to evade capture. The swivelling detector fraudsters can suggest a good way of evading capture by the Police is to carry on about your normal business, and they will never find you! Seems to work for Gary Bolton anyway. And despite James McCormick being interviewed and bailed about eight times in nearly two years by the personal oder of Colin Port, he is still a free man to this day, despite his massive and obvious ADE651 fraud??????????? We keep on asking. WHY?