Friday, 9 March 2012


This piece is about what apparently concerns the powers that be in the United Kingdom. I will endeavour to show how our rulers and masters, and the prosecuting authorities look upon different criminal offences in this country.

1) Attempting to pervert the cause of justice.
This is a serious offence, but let us look at one current prosecution for this offence. In 2003 (Yes you read that right, 2003) A former Member of the European Parliament, Chris Huhne was, allegedly, flashed by a speed camera in Essex. It is alleged to save getting points on his licence, he persuaded his then wife to take the penalty on his behalf. This came to the attention of the Police in 2010. An extensive investigation was conducted, mobile telephones were seized, as were emails, and the Police even applied to the court for a newspaper to hand over an alleged incriminating recorded telephone conversation. Nearly 12 months later, the decission to prosecute Huhne and his wife was announced by no less a person than the head of the Crown Prosecution Service himself, the announcement was made to a packed room full of the countries press. This was breaking news on Sky and the BBC. Is this what happens to a ordinary citizen suspected off the same offence? No. Has anybody been killed in relation to this offence? No. Has anybody lost any money as a result of this offence? No.

2) Interception of communications.
Another serious offence. There is a story that has been headline news over a period of nearly 12 months now and is known as the, 'phone hacking scandal'. The background to the story is that some rogue journalists have 'hacked' into some peoples voicemails. It is easily done and does not require me to explain here. However, some of the victims have been quite high profile in the world of politics and show business, it has even been suggested some royal family members may have been victims. One of the more senior politicians caught up in this saga was former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, now Lord Prescott. Prescott is a bumbling bufoon who probably couldn't even spell voicemail, but despite his high office and having access to some of the nations top secrets, he was also the subject of close personal protection by the police, it would appear that he did not have the sense to change his default PIN number, nor it would seem did any of his very expensive security people suggest this to him. The result was that thankfully only journalists intercepted his voicemails and not terrorists!
Unbelievebly, there are 171 detectives on this investigation, we have also had 2 parliamentary investigations and there is currently an enquiry being held by a high court judge. Has anyone been killed as a result of this offence? No. Has anyone lost any money as a result of this offence? No. But because it involves politicians and celebrities the authorities go completely over the top.

3) Fraud by misrepresentation.
Again another serious offence. This one involves a bit of plastic with a swivelling antenna that pretends to be a bomb detector. It has been sold the world over to every corrupt tin pot regime there is. Other articles in this blog give the method and scope of sales so there is no need to repeat that here. But this serious fraud has had nowhere near the same publicity the other two incidents I have named. It also has nowhere near the same resources applied to it as the other incidents, but here is were it really differs. Over 300 hundred people have lost their lives as a direct result of this fraud in Iraq alone. The Iraqis have also been swindled out of $85,000,000 I suppose what this fraud lacks is the celebrity factor, had this fraud killed a politician or movie star then it would be taken far more seriously, as it happens it is just killing ordinary citizens so is not as important as the other two incidents. I truly despair.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you could have improved on this piece.

Impossible! Except maybe to mention the kid in the riots last year who was heavily punished for nicking a bottle of water.

I also need to emphasise that 300 deaths is an absolute minimum. That is the documented cases in Iraq alone. How about Thailand and Mexico where the GT200 rules?

And what about the property damage and limbs lost and families destroyed? Our Government are wankers!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great piece Techo..has there been any further developments on the GT200 and our modern day Bonnie and Clyde..AKA Bolton and Wickens? I know they are off to the maldives in a couple of weeks..the city of London police informed me that it was 'ongoing'about as capable as the Somerset Police.

Robert Gardner said...

I cannot believe that deliberate criminal enterprise will only be classified as a fraud, should it not carry the treason penalty? how many of our brave soldiers and those of supporting countries have been killed or maimed because of this most foul deliberate greed provoked of crimes I can imagine.
Forget the phone hacking and the Chris Hune witch-hunt, I call for a full and public enquiry into all aspects and all involved with this despicable deception that is marketed as an INVENTION? surely somebody actually tests what they buy when so much human life is at stake.
Our government need to exorcise this national disgrace openly and publicly NOW!
Is is any wonder that real and purposeful inventors are treated with such disregard (akin to the conman and the confidence trickster) in the UK today

Techowiz said...

Thank you for your comment Robert and of course you are absolutely right.
Many people point out, 'why wasn't it tested', that sadly misses the main selling point in these frauds, the people in charge of purchasing are not interested whether the device works or not, their interest lies in simply how much money are they going to get for authorising the purchase, they will never be the same people that have to use this fraud in life or death situations.