Friday, 10 February 2012


One of the most ardent campaigners against the ADE651 fraud is our masked mystery friend, 'Hoppy'. Recently he was seen outside the home of the fraudster-in-chief, McCormick 'inventor' of the ADE651.
It just so happens that Clinton Rogers of the BBC was passing at the same time, see the video for what happened:

In the video McCormick asks the question, "WHAT CAN I SAY", the word sorry springs to mind, perhaps to all the relatives of over 300 lost lives in Iraq.

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Peter said...

Sorry Techo! I disagree. Sorry would simply not be good enough from Mr McCormcik!

You don't have to say anything Jim! Whatever you say, you are as guilty as sin! But when you do say things it can be very telling e.g. "All security product have its difficulties." Remember when you said that Jim? Trouble is that some like the ADE651 just have more difficulties than most. The main problem, and one you know full well, is that it does not work!!