Monday, 29 April 2013


Since starting this blog I have resisted the urge to carry adverts, but I have very recently (22nd April) received a passionate plea to help sell the below items, before bidding please see the terms and conditions outlined below.

1)   Secluded extended farmhouse, together with Audi Q7 thrown in for free. Extensive indoor gym, never used.

2)   Nice desirable residence in Bath, picture above showing the indoor swimming pool. Imagine what the rest of the house is like! Excellent snob factor, don't miss it.

3)   Nice detached villa situated in Southern Cyprus, the vendor now having wished he had bought in Northern Cyprus for legal reasons.

A beautiful Sunseeker motor yacht moored in the UK. Ready stocked with now un-needed celebratory champagne. Due again to legal reasons unable to deliver outside of the UK.

Terms and conditions of sale.

This sale closes strictly at 9.0a.m. on the morning of Thursday the 2nd of May, no bids and sadly no cash can be accepted after this time.
This is a strictly cash only sale, would be off interest to drug dealers and corrupt dictators wishing to offload suitcases of readies.
The vendor is prepared to swap all of the above for a private flight to a non extradition country, no questions asked. Please do not ask for a passport as I currently can't find it. The swap must be done by 9.p.m. on the evening of Wednesday the 1st of May at the absolute latest.





Peter said...

To quote Jim McCormick from his blog in November 2009, "Technowaz continues with the same old shit". And very funny shit it is too. Where's your sense of humour, now you are going down, down, down. Ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Bruce Hood said...

Or at least swap for a cake with a file in it

Anonymous said...


Isn't his Wedgewood piss-pot also for sale?

Anonymous said...

No problems,all hes got to do since he still believes in the product is take the million dollar Randi prize,easy.Unfortunately he,ll have to wait a year or two,shame.