Thursday, 2 May 2013

Now will people listen?

With Jim McCormick getting a very richly deserved 10 year jail sentence for his crimes, will people still try and claim this nonsense works?
Sadly the answer is yes, step forward the Kenyan Police:

The case against McCormick heard from, real scientists with real knowledge unlike the clown produced from Romania in McCormick's defence. Every one of them said without a doubt the ADE651 was a fraud and a scam and could not possibly work. But still the stupid and ignorant try to defend it.


We know how much McCormick likes posh vehicles, Porsche, Mercedes and Range Rovers etc, we were wondering how much he will appreciate his latest transport:

Being a rare nice day in the UK today, make sure you have the air con turned right up Jim it might get a bit warm in the back there!

In a way we will miss Jim especially his pearls of wisdom, such as, "We are developing a model with flashing lights", how did we ever compete against that?

Bye Jim, careful in the showers don't drop the soap now!


Peter said...

As we have come to expect, a great combination of wit and biting sarcasm to send our Jim off to his bed in prison tonight. Wonder how well he will sleep? As an ex-policeman he may well be banged up with/by the nonces and other lower lifes. What a shame! NOT!

Peter said...

P.S. I am not so sure it is just the stupid and the ignorant who are defending the ADE651 despite the conviction of McCormick. How about those who pocketed the filthy bribes? They have nowhere else to go but to keep on pretending the toys work.

Anonymous said...

When does the trial start for bolton and the others?

Anonymous said...

When does the trial start for bolton and the others?

Techowiz said...

The next trial to take place is against, Samuel Tree and his wife that is listed at the end of May, probably the 3rd of June.
Gary Bolton's trial is due to start at the beginning of July.
Both trials are listed for 4 weeks.