Monday, 29 July 2013


On Friday the 26th of July, a jury at the Old Bailey convicted, Gary Bolton of fraud. As readers will know Bolton is another swivel stick explosives detector salesman. I suppose it would be the height of irony if he was to share a cell with his fellow fraudster, McCormick.
Anyway, on to the title of this post, one of the defining moments in McCormick's trial came when it was revealed that McCormick's detectors were based on nothing more than a novelty golf ball finder, and so it was with Bolton, read the extract from the trial below:

"One of these witnesses was Mr. Geoffrey Crockford, who had also provided Mr. Bolton with the concept of dia-and para-magnetism as an explanation for the operating principle for his substance detection device. When cross-examined under oath by Mr. Richard Whittam QC about his theory of bio location using a sixth, magnetic, human sense, Mr. Crockford explained how he had in 2012 successfully used dowsing to prove retrospectively, a UFO visit by Galactic Intelligent Life-Forms (GILFs) to  Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, UK, Earth, in 1980."

What the jury thought of this 'revelation' is sadly not reported, but without doubt it was probably the moment that sunk Bolton's defence.
In an attempt to gain sympathy with the court, Bolton now claims to have, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, see link:
This is what the thieving ex MP Margaret Moran claimed when she got caught, sadly in her case the court fell for it. Like Moran, it appears Bolton's PTSD came on him after he had been caught, surprisingly there was no sign of this supposed illness when he was jetting around the world first class with his girlfriend. Let us hope that Mr Justice Hone sees right through this cynical attempt to avoid the full consequences of Bolton's crime and, like McCormick gives Bolton the maximum sentence allowed by law.



Peter said...

Damn right! As always you are spot on. Bolton better get the max like McCormick. Sure HHJ Hone will not be putting up with any pussyfooting around.

As for the idiotic dowsers who gave 'exeprt' evidence on behalf of the defence (Grahame Gardner, President of the British Society of Dowsers) and Geoffrey Crockford (or as I've re-named them Fairiesatthebottomofthegardner and Crockfullofshit), they should be mightily ashamed of themselves for defending the indefensible, with nothing more as evidence than ridiculous anecdote, and pseudoscientific gobbledygook.

You say that it is not reported as to how the jury reacted when the subject of Crockford and alien chasing came up. I do believe that there was some laughter in court.

Irma said...

This is gorgeous!