Saturday, 6 July 2013


Over at my friend Peter's blog ( the supporters of the fallen ADE651 still refuse to believe the real evidence. They are polluting his blog with snippets of anecdotal evidence from the trial of their hero McCormick, currently enjoying 10 years at Her Majesty's pleasure.
We have added it to the copious amounts previously submitted by, fools and mugs the world over, sorry 'users' and of course we are giving it our full attention, see below:

As I said, they are cherry picking bits of anecdotal evidence from the trial and using it as evidence that the ADE651 works, they have forgotten some important points so I will remind them, what about the Golf Ball Finder scam, you know where McCormick ordered hundreds of them from America then simply re-badged them as, 'explosive detectors', how do you get round that point?
What about the 12 INDEPENDENT people on the jury who heard ALL the evidence anecdotal and real, and came to the unanimous verdict that the ADE651 was a fraud and that, McCormick was guilty of that fraud?
What about, Mr Justice Hone, the judge, who having heard all the evidence, read all the reports gave McCormick 10 years in jail, the maximum allowed by law, doesn't seem much doubt in his mind does there?
Anyway I'm bored with these idiots now, I have to rush I'm going for a drink with my good friend, Elvis.


The Loch Ness Monster Lives, irrefutable evidence provided by, Professor Apostol (Who has seen it a thousand times) and some, East European Police Officer who just happened to be passing by.


Anonymous said...

Am so disappointed that Mr. Simon Sherrard was acquitted at his fraudulent Alpha6 scam bomb detector trial at the Old Bailey. Claimed Sam & Joan Tree ''persuaded'' him they worked! Would have thought the Maddie McCann fiasco would have definitely delivered a ''guilty'' verdict as the claim of the device being able to ''find'' her was so ridiculous! but apparently the jury thought differently. Were they nuts! No faith in jury trials.

Peter said...

Very well put young Techowiz. It would be good to think that the supporters of the un-supportable dowsing scams would stop and think for a moment. Read what you have said. Perhaps take note of the independent scientists e.g. Sidney Alford, Prof Bruce Hood, Prof Marcus Kuhn, Prof Sutherland etc etc, who have stated quite clearly that the fake detectors can not and do not work any better than random chance.

Unfortunately I fear they will take no bloddy notice whatsoever. It is a sad fact of life that the deluded find it almost impossible to shake off their delusions. The next category is buyers who have been foooled or bribed into buying. They are unlikely to admit they are fools, despite all the evidence, or that they are corrupt. Worse, those that have made money out of these scams have a vested interest in trying to maintain their lies because their only other option is to admit that they are fraudsters. may be one day one or more of them will have the courage to face up to their own lies. We can but hope!

All in all it is a perfect storm of denial in the face of the evidence.

Fortunately, thanks to you and others, the truth is out, and can't be put back in the box.

Anonymous said...

I was in the fortunate position to have a personal demo of the ADE651.I,m afraid to say it failed every time.Also I enquired how it worked but the operative didnt know.

Techowiz said...

Hi anonymous, yes no surprises there, the ADE651 always fails, the only success it ever had was to identify the easily corruptible.
Many thanks for your post, are you able to say, at what location your saw this demo?
I won't publish the information.

Anonymous said...

Re where I saw demo of ADE651 DETECTOR.
My son in law had a job at Jim Mccormicks company for a few months about 3 years ago and went on a training course for this unit.
I went over to his house one weekend in Solihull and he offerred me a demo,I would hide an explosive stick and he would find it.Although only in his small back garden he failed but resorted to asking me as he wandered around if he was getting warm,I pointed out this rather defeated object of excercise.

Anonymous said...

Did you get my reply re demo of ade651,failing to perform.

Techowiz said...

Hi Bob, yes got your comments. Didn't publish to save any chance of him being identified.
Thanks very much for the information.
Best regards