Monday, 11 April 2011

Why Does Romania Love the ADE651?

The reason I ask the question, is that when put under the spotlight most fraudsters run for cover but not our determined Romanians, let's examine the reasons why.
Well the most obvious answer is money, McCormick made the President of Mira Telecom, Romania a partner in his 'business', and therefore, the Romanians have shared the spoils of this massive fraud, so obviously money is more important to the Romanians than the massive loss of the life that the ADE651 has caused in Iraq.
I and others, most notably, Dubious Dick, have pointed out to the Romanians that the ADE651 does not and cannot work under any circumstances, the response from the Romanians is the threat of legal action (Still waiting) and personal attacks. Even when presented with the mass of evidence that exists on the internet alone that the ADE651 is a fraud, the Romanians carry on supporting it, why? Well low intelligence has been suggested and Romania is the most backward country in Europe, but can anybody be that stupid?
When I first started blogging about the ADE651 and the other sticks on swivels, I was attacked by McCormick who stated that if what he was doing was illegal, why had the authorities not taken action against him? Well, we now know that in early January 2010 he was arrested by Avon and Somerset Police for fraud regarding his ADE651, yet amazingly some fifteen months later he is STILL on bail and no charges have yet been made against him. The only thing the arrest of McCormick has accomplished is that he took himself off the various blogs and forums that he had been spouting his nonsense on.
Soon after the arrest of McCormick the excellent BBC Newsnight Team did a full exposure of the ADE651, with concrete evidence that the ADE651 could not work under any circumstances. The myth that the device could work with 'programmed cards' was technically taken apart by credible scientific means. The internet became alive with interest in this fraud that had made, $85M from the Iraq deal alone.
Further to that, the British authorities banned the export of the ADE651 to Iraq and Afghanistan, stating that it does not work.
The BBC Newsnight then did a follow up story regarding the ADE651 which was described by one expert as nothing more than a 'toy'.
So after such exposure who would now support the ridiculous ADE651, step forward the Romanians, at first I was engaged with a certain Romanian who used the Avatar Comtois/33 comtois(Who not surprisingly is an employee of Mira Telecom, Romania). This individuals defence of the ADE651 has bordered on the absolute ridiculous, he first believes that as there is no recorded double blind test to show that the ADE651 does not work, that means, to him anyway, it must work. I asked him why something that is being used in the serious business of detecting bombs and explosives has no recorded tests or official recognition, he could give no answer.
On the aforemnentioned BBC Newsnight programme his 'arguments' are numerous, first, the anti shoplifting tag used inside the 'programmed cards' that the scientist says cannot be programmed to do anything, let alone detect explosives, he has found on the internet, cards with magnetic strips that can be programmed, completely missing the point that they are nothing like the tags that McCormick uses in his cards. But the point that causes the most laughter is the one he makes regarding the reporter Caroline Hawley who near the end of the programme, where she is on the driveway of McCormick's house telling the camera, "there was no answer to her knockingt at the front door to the house", Comtois point is that because they never actually showed the knocking on the door it obviously did not happen, he went very quiet when I pointed out the 'magic' of film editing!
He has also suggested the reason for all the adverse publicity is, Mass Media Manipulation', when asked for his evidence to support that statement, or who this most powerful person is who is manipulating the worlds media, he again has no answer.
He has also suggested, 'BBC bias' again when asked for evidence to support that statement, or the reason as to why the BBC should have any bias against a fraud such as the ADE651, Yes you've guessed it, he has no answer. In fact the mere asking him for evidence to support his opinion usually means he runs away very quickly or mounts a personal attack, amazingly calling others stupid, for not believing a man on bail for fraud, for not believing in a bomb detector that has no evidence to show it works, for not believing in a website made by the aforementioned fraudster, for not believing in a bomb detector that failed in Iraq with the deaths of over 300 innocent Iraqis.
In our various battles, when asked for evidence that the ADE651 works, he usually goes quiet for a few days hoping I have forgotten the question, but I don't let him get away that easil,y and like the JREF challenge it is a stick with which I have beaten him many times.
You have to understand that the word these fraudsters fear the most, is the most important word in all of these things and that word is of course, 'EVIDENCE'.
I have also pointed out to him that he is a 'lone voice' in his support for the ADE651 anywhere in the world. His response was to then register various different named avatars on the forums most notably the BBC Newsnight Programme on Youtube. But, as always with the Romanian, he did not have the sense to 'spread them around the world' a bit, so his tactic was exposed and laughed at by various other posters, me included off course!
His most famous fake avatar was a character he called, 'Ernst Filibert' after his previous ribbing he decided to register this avatar in Amsterdam, to 'fool us', no that did not work either Comtois. Ernst' went on a total internet spamming mission to attract interest in the ATSC website (makers of the ADE651) to boost their Google ratings, this was seen through and poor old 'Ernst' quickly left the building when a REAL Dutch poster challenged Ernst to post in fluent Dutch, that was the end of Ernst and he has not been seen or heard of since.
Comtois, in his desperation tries to suggest that every poster that enters the forum is me using a fake avatar, now where would he get that idea from? He gave up on that suggestion when I pointed out to him that there are hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world equally derisive of his nonsense about the ADE651. However in support of the ADE651 there is only him, so I think I can leave it to people to work out who really needs to register fake avatars.
When that didn't work he was out of ideas for a while, then he came up with his most laughable suggestion to date, that my campaign is inspired by the fact that I must be selling a rival device, he made various suggestions as to what device but had to give up on that idea also when he realised, after I pointed it out to him of course, that I have attacked all the known makes of swivel stick detectors. But before anyone starts to feel sorry for this Romanian fraudster, just remember this, he will risk your life and the lives of others in exchange for money.
A summary of the questions the Romanians, like McCormick, find impossible to answer:

How do you programme a card that is impossible to programme?
Why, if as you claim the ADE651 can detect explosives at distance, are you scared of taking the RANDI challenge?
How did the alleged working principle change from EMA then to NQR, then back to EMA?, What changes were made to the ADE651 to accomodate these alleged changes?
Why are you so scared of independent testing of the ADE651?
Why would a reputable and honest company not sue the likes of the BBC, The British Government, James RANDI and a very long list of International newspapers, for calling their product, amongst other things, A Fraud, A Quack Device, A Scam.

If Comtois, or any of his various fake avatars wish to supply the answers to these questions, I will publish them in full, might be a long wait though. So after all that, why do the Romanians still support the ADE651?


Scottish born guy said...

Techowiz, thanks for exposing this fraud, I worked in Romania for a couple of years, they are a shower of thieving bastards. If you knew them you would understand why they are involved in this scam, they love ANY scam or fraud.
Left a comment on the youtube site.

Techowiz said...

Hi Jock,
A bit extreme for me but I understand your anger at these fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

Hey Techowiz,

Another very good summary of the situation. We should highlight that despite Mira telecom claiming they ended their relationship with McCormick and Atsc and the ADE651 in October 2010, we note that the Romanian defenders still come out to play.

Well, either as you suggest they are working for Mira Telecom, and still have to defend their sale of the ADE651 to a Romanian Airport, and elsewhere, or they maybe are users who have to defend their stupidity and/or corrupt purchases, or maybe both?

You have mentioned Ernst Filibuster Filibert, and Comtois33 (brani cells), but you did not mention the host of other user names that they have used all over the internet. I have just done a rough count and remember at least four other aliases they have gone under across the interweb.

Well done for hounding them wherever they pop up! No space for them to breathe their silly little arguments, and plenty of record that they never answer the only question that matters . Yep. Where's the bleedin' evidence you numpties?

Keep up fine work, and may I ask all your good readers to sign here:

And P.S. You're damn right. Why the hell haven't McCormick, Bolton and the rest been charged yet? We will continue! No surrender!

Peter said...

No doubt! Romania is full of gangsters. Visited not all that long ago and the word on the street was that nothing much moved without graft.

James McCormick and Gary Bolton, amongst many of the scammers, targeted markets where he knew his backhanders would be warmly welcomed. It is a pattern which is as clear as a bloody bell!

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about these bomb-dowsers since the story first emerged in 2009, but could find nothing recent until I found your blog. Good on you.

I realize there's a huge boondoggle here, but there's another motivation I was pondering: These things are instant probable cause generators, right? I mean, if you want a pretext to search anyone, anywhere, you can just point one of these things at them. Seems like a police-thug's dream come true.

Doru said...

Bomb detector ADE 651 is produced by the company ATSC LTD.

Techowiz said...

Doru as in Dorusabau off the newsnight blog on youtube.
Are you really suggesting that you have actually found the website of your paymaster after all this time?
Maybe you can contact the newsnight team at the BBC and give them a demonstration of your wonderful fraud know as the ADE651.
I have the email address if you need it!!
After all the money McCormick made from the sale of these scams in Iraq are you really the best he can afford to represent his company?
Why not get a Romanian newspaper to run a story in favour of the ADE651 surely you have enough BRIBE money left????? To get a positive story in your favour. Have you manged to find anyone in the world that shares you view yet????