Friday, 16 December 2011


A big hi to one of our fraudsters who we haven't paid much attention to lately, that guy is, Charles L. Christensen or 'Chuckles' to his family and friends. Chuck is the invetor and seller of another dowsing rod scam this time from Utah in the USA. Chuck's scam is called the H3tec and claims to be able to do all the things the other swinging rod scammers claim. Below is a picture of Chuck's scam:

Note the laptop, apparently this is not just for show, this is to 'programme' the device to look for any manner of things from gold, to explosives, even cash. If ripping people off with the purchase price is not enough, Chuckles has put time locked software onto the laptop, so you have to renew your licence every year or it wont work! (how would you know?)

Chuck claimed some awards for his scam device, but our friend Peter took up the case, and he has had to now remove all reference to these awards, I'm sure he wasn't trying to fool people it was just an honest mistake, wasn't it Chuck?

Chuck stupidly also claimed senior military people were involved, (don't they all?) Where do they get all these ex military guys from? They all have them, Bolton GT200, McCormick ADE651, Vollmar HEDD1, there must be a 'General for hire website' somewhere but I can't find it.

A complaint has been made to the FBI in America, I will update a response if any.


Peter said...

Good on you Techo. reminding us all just what a con artist Chuck Christensen is at H3Tec. In use with the military. His website still makes this lying claim despite our previous warnings to the Utah FBI and many others.

We haven't had a pop at Chuck for some time, so good to remind our American friends that after James Randi first spotted the Quadro Tracker fraud 16 years ago, they still have another version of the fraud under their noses, yet do nothing to stop him! Why? And what about Thomas Afilani, with his Electroscope fraud, and all the other jokers in the Long Range Locator fraud? OK, not claiming to detect explosives but still a 'dowsing' fraud!

Peter said...

Sadly it seems that despite our best efforts the people in Utah who awarded Chuckie the shit chucker some prizes have either failed in their demands to have his lies removed from his website, or never did ask him to e.g. The Davis UCAT logo is still on his website despite them telling us he no longer had any connection with them. As to the rest, well the people who awarded him prizes must be prize asses themselves!

Still, we know the truth, don't we Chuckie!

Anonymous said...

He's a liar and a conniving piece of crap, hiding behind religion to scam the unsuspecting people who he charms out of their retirement funds. This is a guy who insured his wife to the ceiling and then let her die of morbid obesity. He almost immediately re-married within a few months. His new bride is in on the scam. they had a hot and heavy affair going on during his late wife's terminal illness. Did we mention this scam artist is a Mormon? He is, the hypocrite. Steer clear of this POS>