Wednesday, 11 January 2012

HELPING THE C.P.S. (Crown Prosecution Service)

This post is about helping the, Crown Prosecution Service or CPS as they are commonly known. I have tried to keep it simple in order that they will be able to understand better.
Here goes:






To help the CPS further we have developed a book, in that famous series, that should explain away any further bar to prosecution. We are led to believe that a statement from the Pope, countersigned by the Queen should be with the CPS shortly, that should do it.


Peter said...

Incredible just how many dummies there are around Techo. It's a good thing they have you tpo hold their hands. Or slap them..

Bet Keir Starmer will be here soon to order his copies of your latest book.

Anonymous said...

isnt it sweet, bolton and wickens are off to the maldives in 6 weeks flying on an A380 first class...I hope you enjoy your trip on the money gained by death, destruction and sadness,,I hope you sleep well at night because you are both going to the pit of hell, revenge will be swift in this life or the next.

Never let these two slip from your grasp Techo..never.